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Business Mindfulness™

Management coaching and skills

Business analysis and change management

This blog is from Somerset Online Ltd who can help you improve business processes and gain real efficiencies by understanding you and your business.  Working with you, the team there can support you with an ongoing coaching relationship, one off training sessions or through micro-consultancy.

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood – Stephen Covey

In Management Speak this would be “Intelligent understanding and the right stakeholder engagement leads to sustainable benefits.”  No-one in the real world speaks like that!  Somerset Online Ltd cut through the project-babble and help you find real practical steps you can take.

This is about learning what needs fixing, involving the right people in making the decisions and following through with a commitment to improve.

Finding the solutions means understanding what really causes you and your business pain and lost efficiency.  We would then work together to find solutions that work for you.  It’s important to me that those who you work with are involved in the change as it’s everyone that has to put the effort in to making improvements work.





Handling conflict

Communication styles


Project planning and change management

Managing teams

Managing time

Target setting

Performance reviews


Running effective meetings


Software customisation, get Excel and Office to work for you

Using Cloud services

Creating and maintaining a paperless office

Identifying problems that can be solved with technology and those that can’t

Automation for common admin tasks

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As your needs will be specific get in touch to discuss what you’d like to accomplish and we’ll let you know how we can help.