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Author: Niki Odolphie

Time for that Digital Spring Clean

Remove out of date information and files In our Data Protection Principles guide you’ll notice that you should not store certain information longer than is necessary. Cleaning out old emails, files and paperwork must be considered part of your business compliance, and not an ‘If we have time’ task. The retention policies for your data should not exceed what is reasonable, for certain types of data there are guidelines (e.g. 6 or 10 years however some types of data should not be retained longer than a few minutes) these are industry specific and you should seek professional advice to remain compliant. Physically clean...

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Explained: why a reboot is the go-to computer fix

Explained: why a reboot is the go-to computer fix It’s the most common answer to our computing woes: when your PC or mobile is playing up, try turning it off and on again. In a computer, the only program physically built into the computer hardware is a tiny one, called the “bootloader”.  You may have heard of BIOS or UEFI.  When the computer starts up, this program gets control and loads, or “boots” another, much larger, program which serves as the “operating system” for the computer. We know these systems by such names as Unix, Mac OS, Android and...

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Is every human voice and fingerprint really unique?

Is every human voice and fingerprint really unique? Hugh McLachlan, Glasgow Caledonian University Barclays, the UK bank, is to replace the password system on its phone banking service with personal voice recognition. “Unlike a password, each person’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint,” said Steven Cooper, Barclays’ head of personal banking. Yet the reality is we have no idea whether either fingerprints or voices are unique at all. I don’t mean to say that it is impossible that each of us has a physical feature that is unique. The problem is that we have no way of knowing...

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The 3 Problems With Staff Training

There are a lot of staff training courses out there. Here are the 3 reasons they don’t work as well as they should A lot of staff training courses commit the following 3 ‘big sins’: 1) People forget things Certain staff training courses do all day training “blasts”. The person flies in, trains the staff for the day, and then leaves.  The problem is the human brain doesn’t learn like that.  It forgets new information fast (there is one exception though). Memory expert Dr. Piotr Wozniak,  author of the Super Memo method, shows what happens in this chart: The...

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The periodic table of SEO success factors

Search engine optimization — SEO — seems like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there’s a science to it. Below are some important “ranking factors” and best practices that can lead to success with both search engines and searchers. Click the graphic to get a high-quality PDF version. Source: The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors, used with permission...

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